2018 registration takes place at McLeod Hall 14715- 59 Street.

February 7 – 6-8:30pm 
February 27 – 6-8:30pm 
March 7 – 6-8:30pm

McLeod’s community service policy is one volunteer service option per child registered to a maximum of two per family. The following options will be able available at registration:
McLeod Community Events | WEM Tickets | Bingo Workers | Waive Service (pay it out)          

If you request WEM tickets or if you waive your service, you will pay for these options along with your baseball registration fees. All other service options will require a signed but undated cheque for $150.00 per child. If you fulfill your service commitment your cheque will be returned to you. If your service commitment is unfulfilled, McLeod will cash your cheque. 
The total amount due for each player will be: fee for the baseball program + membership + optionally (Community Service depending on the commitment). This amount can be paid by cash, credit or debit. Personal cheques are only accepted for he community service option, not payment.

Please go here for our Voucher Policy.

For more information, contact Ron at .