Message from McLeod's Community Safety Director
Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar Focus for October is Pedestrian Safety. The responsibility to keep pedestrians safe is on the drivers and the pedestrians. If we both work together we can keep pedestrians safe. Here are some tips to help.
Take a good look before you turn.
Make eye contact with the pedestrian to determine if they are going to cross.
Do not drive distracted. Ensure you are not on your cell phone or electronic devices.
Watch for turning vehicles.
Do not step out onto the roadway until you have made eye contact with the driver.
Wear bright clothing in poor lighting/weather and/or night time.
Cross the street only at designated crossing points, preferably at marked crosswalks.
Ensure all vehicles have stopped before stepping out on roadway. One stopped vehicle doesn't mean the next one will stop.
Don't be distracted. Put down your cell phone and turn off any music or other distractions.
30 km/h between 8am-4:30pm on school days where school zone signs are posted.
Please be cautious at drop off and pick up times as there is large amounts of vehicle and pedestrian traffic at these times.
Please obey parking signs at/or near school zones. Please do not block residents’ driveways even if you are remaining in the vehicle waiting to pick up your child or children.

Emergency Response Vehicles and Tow Trucks
Motorists must reduce speed to 60 km/h or less if the posted speed limit is lower, when passing emergency vehicles or tow trucks that are stopped with their lights flashing. The law applies to the lane(s) directly next to the stopped vehicles. If caught speeding the fine amount doubles.

Home Safety
Fall is upon us and with the temperatures slowing going down, it would be a great time to have your furnace, fireplace and any other gas appliances checked by a certified technician. This may prevent issues and help to ensure they are operating efficiently.
Other safety tips include:
Do not place any flammable materials near your furnace. This includes fabrics, paint cans, cardboard.
Clean your Gutters.
Clean your Dryer Vent.
Check/Test your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.
Check your fire extinguishers.
Car Safety
Again, with temperatures starting to go down, now would be a great time to get any existing mechanical repairs completed, or an inspection of your vehicle by a certified technician. Consider purchasing winter tires and having them installed. Additionally, consider having an emergency kit in your vehicle that would include snack food that won't freeze (granola or energy bars), blanket or sleeping bag, extra gloves, toques, socks, booster cables, emergency flares, flashlight, candles, matches, snow shovel, tow rope, and cell phone charger. Try to leave a minimum of half a tank of fuel before heading out on the road.
If you have any questions, please contact me at .

Ryan Bendara
Community Safety Director